100% Commission

We believe that in order for agents to succeed they need to simplify, simplify, simplify!

At Kailua Beach Realty, we offer agents the opportunity to keep more of what they earn using our simple fee structure it’s never been easier for agents to reach their own sales and financial goals.


NO desk fees

It’s not uncommon for an agent to pay a desk fee to their broker. These fees usually come out of agent commission checks. At Kailua Beach Realty, we don’t believe in that.


No franchise fees

Many brokers charge agents a “franchise fee” per transaction. As a valued agent of Kailua Beach Realty, you’ll never have to split your commission check for a franchise fee ever again.


No transaction fees

Zero transaction fees means that our agents get to keep 100% of their commission 100% of the time. Focus on what you do best: selling real estate and making money while you do it.

NO commission splits!

Flat Fee: $1,000/mo ($12,000 annually)
You always keep the rest.

How It Compares

By switching to Kailua Beach Realty, your savings will be related to the current commission split (and fees) at your existing broker. Here’s an example of how much you can anticipate saving based on $10M sales volume and various commission-split scenarios.

How It Works

A simple process, for a simple system.


Our application process is as simple as our 100% commission plan for real estate agents. Questions? Feel free to give us a call!

  • Self Motivated
  • Active License
  • Solid Work Ethic

Get Hired

Once we’ve reviewed your application, and determined that you’re a fit for KBR, we’ll notify you that you’re hired!

  • Submit Application
  • Send Resume
  • Pay Flat Fee

Start Work

Once you get hired as an Agent at Kailua Beach Realty, you can enjoy all the benefits of a TRUE 100% commission plan with your broker!

  • NO Desk Fees
  • NO Transaction Fees
  • 100% Commission!
Say bye to ... forever!

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